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heartworm medications coupon

$25 or $50 Rebate Offer


Now available at Forest Lakes Animal Clinics!

You can purchase 6 doses of Heartgard Plus
with 6 Doses of Nexgard in order to receive
receive a $25 Rebate

Or….You can purchase 12 Doses of Heartgard
Plus with 6 Doses of Nexgard and
Receive a $50 Rebate

Now, FLEA and TICK prevention is easy! Simply deliver a delicious treat to your pet to ensure optimal health!

Forest Lakes veterinary clinic is pleased to announce that we are now recommending a new monthly flea Preventative that takes care of both fleas and ticks!

The makers of the yummy tasty chew called Heartgard Plus® now offers the first ever yummy hypoallergenic tasty soft chew for flea and tick prevention, exclusively formulated for dogs.

Finally, a yummy treat for dogs that works effectively when taken once a month that your dog will LOVE to eat! The NEXgard® formula does not require it to be taken with any additional food and your dog will love every bite of its healthy, tick-preventive formula!

NEXgard is an incredible, safe and easy way to ensure optimal health for your pets, especially during tick season. Our animal clinic has secured discounted coupons for you on this product, by working directly with the manufacturer. Be sure to order yours today or pick them up directly at our veterinary hospital. Call now to reserve while supplies last! 941-923-3861

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